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Program/Course Management
This function is for managing program and course.

Program form has the following items – program name, tuition, start/end date, and length. This page is for collecting program information.

Program View
This section is an overview of all registered teachers’ information including teacher name, its username, course, and assigned status. All information can be edited and deleted in this page. Besides, there is a filtered function that use for searching specific teacher by his or her first name.

This section is for collecting course information where administrators can add program name, course name, instructor, start/end date and time, and course available date in a week. After click “Add New” bottom, this page will jump to the next section that is course view.

Course View
This section lists information of all enrolled courses, instructors, start/end dates, and link to score form that contains student’s course score percentage and comments from teachers and SEA. All information can be edited and deleted in the main course view page.

Class Roster
This section is an overview for course list including student ID, student name, instructor, and course. Administrators can filtrate specific course by changing the date and course name.
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