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About our Education Management System
We created this simple system to fulfill the basic administration needs of career and language schools. There are so many Educational Management Systems but they are very expensive with initial fees, training, and the exorbitant costs of the program. What initially looked like a good deal can end up costing you $5000-$25,000 for a system. AND these are recurring on a yearly basis. Our system is simple- a one time payment. No recurring fees.

eComCreator was founded in 2001 by a group of computer specialists. It is our mandate to provide innovative solutions to institutions that are engaged in higher learning. We know how difficult it can be to offer high quality programs while keeping in mind your expenses. Our solutions are made for business owners like you, who are serious about maintaining excellent programming and are on a budget -yet still need to be PCTIA compliant.

The solution is a SNAP. SNAP Educational Management Systems- a one time solution to all your administrative needs.
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